Very Important GK For GPSC, GSSSB Clerk, HTAT, TET Exam

Very Important GK For GPSC, GSSSB Clerk, HTAT, TET Exam

1. East India Company arrived in India at the time was ruled by the king in India? - Jahangir
2. East India Company to do business in India, which was in the year - 1615 
3. India East India Company made ​​its first business center in what position? - Surat 
4. Who was the battle of Plassey Middle - East India Company and the Nawab of Bengal 
5. Sthanantrit capital of British India from Calcutta to Delhi, which was the year - 1911 
6. India's first Governor-General's name? - William Bentinck 
7. Tipu Sultan was the East India Company conquered in what year? - 1792 
8. Rani of Jhansi war with the Englishman was in what year? - 1858 
9. Who was the founder of Hot Party in Congress - Bal Gangadhar Tilak 
10. To gain independence from the British, "Azad Hind Fauj" was established Kinhonne - Chandrashekhar Azad 
11.Humayu on the Sher Shah conquered in what year? - 1540 
14. Who was the Second Battle of Panipat - Akbar and Hemu 
15. The war between Akbar and Maharana Pratap is known by what name? - Turmeric Valley War 
16. Preferably chained to the judgment which the king? - Jahangir 
17. Mumtajmahl wife of Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal built by Shah Jahan for, where the death took place? - Burhanpur 
18. Where is the tomb of Aurangzeb - Aurangabad 
19.What is the name of the daughter of Babur - Gulbdn Begum 
20. "Fatehpur Sikri" how the city built by Emperor - Akbar

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