Gujarati Current Affairs Quiz PDF of 31st December 2016

Gujarati Current Affairs Quiz PDF of 31st December 2016

Hello Aspirants !! Here are all important current affairs in short notes. With this website at hand, you will get a grip to the entire sphere of the knowledge. The sub sections provide a better introspective to the various genres with an added section for the current affairs to keep you updated to the most.

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  • According to data released by the Ministry for Petroleum & Natural Gas on December 29, 2016, Government has achieved its target of providing 1.5 crore free LPG 
  • The State Government of Andhra Pradesh signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Railways on December 30, 2016, for setting up a Joint Venture for taking up major Rail Projects in the state.
  • The Centre has sanctioned Rs. 200 crores to the Tirupur Dyeing Industry in Tamil Nadu on December 28, 2016, which was on the verge of closure due to severe financial crisis as a result of their huge investments in the first ever Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) projects in the country.
  • The Beipanjiang Bridge of China is now open for public travel. The height of the bridge is 1,854 feet(565 metres) above the sea level. It overtook the Si Du River Bridge of Hubei to become the world’s highest bridge.
  • The Colombia’s Congress headed by President Juan Manuel Santos, in an historical move, passed a law on December 28 to grant amnesty to FARC rebels as part of the country’s peace deal.
  • State Bank of India and real estate portal on 29 December 2016 entered into a tie-up.Central Government has invited the views of general public and stakeholders on the report on the Report of the Financial Redressal Agency latest by 31st January 2017.
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